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Spring 2021 President Update Letter

The Gamma Lambda is not only continuing our history of success, but we have seen a record year by the numbers in many different aspects of fraternity life. There is no better time to be a Gamma Lambda Beta than now!



During the fall, the Gamma Lambda Chapter had record success in academics as a chapter. Overall, we had our highest semester GPA on current record, achieving a 3.64 GPA. We had 49 brothers achieve a 4.0 (30% of the chapter), with 99 achieving a 3.50 or higher. Once again, we far outperformed the average Greek IFC average of 3.29 and are seeing a trend upwards in our academic performance as a chapter (raising the chapter average from a 3.50 in Fall 2019 to a 3.64 in Fall 2020). The Gamma Lambda Chapter continues to take pride in the cultivation of the intellect. 



This spring, we initiated 43 men as brothers of the Gamma Lambda Chapter! These young men have had an impressive amount of success in the classroom, on the stage, and within our chapter already. Their pledge class GPA of 3.73 was the second-highest among all fraternity pledge classes at Oklahoma State. In addition, twenty-three of these young men achieved a 4.0 GPA. They have shown great leadership potential, and we can be assured they will continue carrying on the Gamma Lambda tradition for the duration of their collegiate career!



Paired with the women of Pi Beta Phi, our talented brothers continued the great show tradition by winning first place, best vocals, best choreography, and most entertaining! We have seen much success on the stage this year. It is a great reflection of the talented brothers we have, and the hard work that our brothers continue to put into all aspects of fraternity life. A Gamma Lambda man doesn’t do anything without putting his full effort into it, and this can be said for all involved with Varsity Revue this Spring. Gamma Lambda men have now won Varsity Revue four times in the past eight years (2014, 2016, 2018, 2020). With an unbelievable amount of talent currently in the house, we anticipate remaining as the top show house on campus for years to come. 


Beta has long been the top name in the OSU Intramural Universe. We have long had the highest participation rate of any fraternity on campus. In the Fall of 2019, two Beta pledge classes (Class of ’21 and ’22) played each other in the Flag Football Greek League Championship. Intramural dominance is safe to claim when we guaranteed the Flag Football championship would come back to 1207 before the game was even played. While the 2020 Greek Intramural Trophy has not yet been awarded, we have won the trophy for the last fourteen years. 

On behalf of the Gamma Lambda Chapter, I would like to take the time to express our gratitude to the alumni of our Chapter. We thank you for the active role that many of you have played in recent history to take the Gamma Lambda Chapter to new heights. The beautiful new chapter house is starting to feel more like home, and we hope to welcome many of you through its doors when we reopen the house!

Yours in __kai__,

Jonathan Buskirk ’23, Chapter President